Top 5 Places in Hyderabad to Satiate the Foodie in You!

You may know Hyderabad as a city with a plenty of interesting momentous places because of its deep connection with the history. However, you would be glad to know that Hyderabad has a lot in store for the foodies as well. The place serves some of the tastiest local cuisine. And, when we talk about authentic dishes, Hyderabadi Biryani does top the list, but there are many other items that give it a tough competition as well. So before booking your Delhi to Hyderabad or Chennai to Hyderabad flights, make sure you put in these interesting food outlets into your Hyderabad itinerary:

• Famous Ice Cream
Hyderabad gives you a chance to relish the most unique fruit ice cream for just Rs.20? If yes, then do not miss an opportunity to visit the Mozamjahi market, located in Nampally. You can try out different fruity flavors here like, watermelon, litchi etc. Plus, you can get a pack or two for your friends as well.

• Almond House
Want to know how to satisfy sweet cravings in Hyderabad? Tired of all the regular stuff and want to try something extraordinary? If yes, then Almond House is the place to be. Apart from all the regular Indian sweets, the place serves some of the most delicious cakes and authentic Hyderabadi sweets as well. So, quickly book your Mumbai to Hyderabad or Chennai to Hyderabad flights to land in Almond House to satiate your sweet tooth!

• Minerva Coffee Shop
Minerva Coffee Shop is one of the oldest and very famous food outlets in Hyderabad. The place has a crazy following, as some of the tastiest Hyderabadi dishes are served here. Apart from the scrumptious local cuisine, the place also serves delicious North and South Indian food items as well. And, as the name suggests, you can enjoy a brewing cup of coffee here as well.

• Badam ki Jali
Situated in the neighborhoods of Aziz Baugh, you will see a tiny but very promising home-run kitchen which is run by the best chef of the region, Nasreen Hussaini and her mother-in-law. Badam ki Jali is not a place, but a popular Hyderabadi traditional dish which has deep connection with the history of the region. Sweets served here are not only delicious but they are quite interesting as well. Badam Ki Jali comes in various shapes and sizes. Also, there are many other sweets to enjoy here as well other than the must try- Badam ki Jali. So, quickly book your Kolkata to Hyderabad or Chennai to Hyderabad flights to satisfy your sweet tooth!

• Kangan
Kangan is a special restaurant which is run by one of the top chefs of the region, Rakesh Singh. Here, you will get a chance to taste the yummy Peshawari traditional food. Apart from food, you will get a plenty of varieties of teas to enjoy here.

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