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Silchar is a city in Assam. The town is located on the banks of Barak River. Silchar is known for its mesmerising natural beauty. The city is a major tourist attraction in Assam, and there are many hotels in Silchar. The town has a history of being politically stable in the otherwise disturbed Northeast. Hence the city has earned the title of ‘the Island of Peace’ from Indira Gandhi.

The first polo club in the world was created at Silchar. Also, Silchar is one of the hugely developed areas in the state with its airport and numerous educational institutions.

Listed down are 5 worth visiting natural attractions in Silchar:

1. Dolu Lake: Dolu Lake is eleven km from the city centre. The lake is beautifully located in the lap of nature. The environment around the lake is peaceful and quiet. The place is tranquil and a perfect spot to spend some quality time alone or with friends. Also, the spot offers picturesque natural views. It is a photographer’s paradise.

2. Maniharan Tunnel: Maniharan Tunnel is five kilometres from Silchar. It is among the top tourist places of the city. The tunnel has got ruins of temples. Every year the Holi and Shivaratri festivals are celebrated adjacent to the tunnel, bringing the area to life. The place is also a beautiful natural spot.

3. Badarpur Fort: Badarpur Fort is situated on the bank of Barak River. The place is historic and gives scenic views of nature. Even in its ruins, the fort exudes a historical charm attracting tourists in large numbers. The fort offers fantastic views of Barak River. The place is under restoration to attract more visitors.

4. Bhubaneswar Temple: The temple is 25 km from the city centre. It is one of the most admired Lord Shiva temple in the entire South Assam. The location of the temple is splendid. The temple is located on the top of Bhuvan Hill 17 km from the plains. The track is rough and is also used for hiking purposes. Once reaching the top, the place offers amazing views.

5. Gandhibagh Park: It is located on the Park Road in the middle of the town. Also, the park houses a toy train that is significant entertainment for kids. The park is a beautiful place for families and couples to visit in the evenings. The park includes Shahid Minar, the monument built to remember 11 saints who passed in 1962 while battling to save their Bengali dialect against the government.

These attractions in Silchar are amazing natural places sure to amaze you with their beauty. There are plenty of hotels in Silchar to accommodate tourists and visitors.

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