7 Places to Visit When in the Cultural City of Jorhat – Assam

Jorhat is one of the principal urban centres of the state of Assam; only second after Guwahati. Jorhat is also a major tourist destination in Assam with a lot of heritage places. There are many hotels in Jorhat to accommodate visitors. The city has experienced many cultural diversities in the past. Jorhat has earned the title of ‘The Cultural Capital of Assam’ as the city has given birth to many journalists, creative writers, musicians, actors, and historians.

Learn about the top 7 places you-must-visit on your trip to Jorhat:

1. Raja Maidam:

Raja Maidam is located in the centre of Jorhat Town. It is a vault that preserves ashes of the erstwhile King Purandar Singha. The vault and the beautiful park are beautifully maintained. This maidam was constructed after the king’s death on 1st October 1894.

2. Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary:

The sanctuary is located 20 km away from the main town. The small wildlife sanctuary is spread across 21 km. The wildlife sanctuary is famous for its hoolock gibbon population. The sanctuary is surrounded by Brahmaputra River and tea gardens. Tourists can get a sight of Bengal Slow Loris, Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Pangolins, Pig-tailed Macaque, and Assamese Macaque at the sanctuary.

3. Nimati Ghat:

Nimati Ghat is one of the most important ports of the state. The ghat serves as a linkage for ferry boats that operate from the river port to the Majuli Island, Auniati, and Kamalabari. The river port is essential to Jorhat and several neighboring towns and villages.

4. Cinnamora Tea Estate:

The Cinnamora Tea Estate was established in 1850 by Maniram Dewan. During that time, Maniram worked under the British Administration at Jorhat. It is the first tea estate of Assam. The tea garden is utterly green during the peak harvest seasons. It is a pleasurable experience to walk on the lanes bounded by low tea bushes.

5. Majuli:

Majuli is a spectacular island located in the middle of Brahmaputra River. The island is close to Jorhat. The island is the most significant river island in the world.

6. Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar:

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is a famous Assamese temple. It was established in 1461 by saint and reformer Madhabdev. It is just 4 km away from the central city. The saint built this temple for preaching Vaishnavism. The temple is a large complex where various cultural and social programs take place. A considerable number of devotees visit the place on a daily basis. The visitors increase during the month of Bhado.

7. Ladai Garh:

Ladai Garh is a fortified structure, 15 km south of Jorhat. It was constructed by King Pratap Sinha to protect his kingdom. The Garh comprises three parts; the other two parts are Mera Garh at Majhuli and Swalat Garh, north of Jorhat. The fort is majestic and one of the top destinations to visit in Assam.

Visit these beautiful places in Jorhat and cherish the diverse culture of the city. There are plenty of hotels in Jorhat for tourists visiting the city.

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