5 Unique and Interesting Local Dishes of India

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti
Whenever we travel, whether in our country or abroad, we tend to make plans about places to visit. Bit, how exciting it would be to make itinerates to eat certain bets things of certain places as well. So, next time, when you are booking your Kolkata to Bangalore or your Ahmedabad to New Delhi flights, make sure you prepare a specific food itinerary as well!

So, keep on adding more favours to trip by trying some of the most distinctive food items like –

1. King Chilli or Bhut Jolokia
Mix mayonnaise with the peppy Bhul Jolokia’s sauce to prepare a spicy dip and then relish it with any starter or spruce up your normal aloo paratha with the Bhul Jolokia pickle. Electrify the taste buds with one of the biospheres’ hottest chillies. Spice up any dish that you want with just a pinch of Bhut Jolokia powder. You will find a plenty of it in the North eastern part of India, but now, it is readily available in other parts of India as well.

2. Kulfi Falooda
New Delhi is the place to taste the best Kulfi Falooda of all time. Specially, the one that is available on the streets of Chandni Chowk. The dish is not just delectable, but will instantly pump you up as well, to battle it out with Delhi scorching heat! So, whether you are planning a trip from Mumbai or you are booking your Ahmedabad to New Delhi flights, you should definitely add ‘Eating Kulfi Falooda’ to your bucket list!

3. Roasted Potatoes, but Village style
In Indian Villages, the inhabitants do not require any type of baking equipment in order to prepare crunchy baked potatoes there. They simply roast raw potatoes with inserting them amid the flaming hot ashes of wood or decayed leaves and then they serve them with chilly lemon chutney. Sounds exciting? One should certainly visit any of these places and try making this simple yet fascinating dish.

4. Better version of Chana Bhatura: Chana Madra
You must have eaten a lot of chole bhature many a times however, have you ever tried- Channa Madra. It is nothing but a delectable thick curd based curry and a very famous dish of Pahari or the Himachali cuisine. This item is a zesty mix of chickpeas and yoghurt. The aroma of cardamom and cinnamon is something that will entice you to gobble it up immediately either with rice, using your fingers or with a pair of rotis.

5. The Regional Chocolate Fudge – Bal Mithai
Bal Mithai is a nothing but a very soft caramelized chocolate like fudge, which is actually prepared using roasted khoya. It is later on coated with some delicious white sugar balls. Revitalise yourself by walking alongside the hills, and enjoying this Indian chocolate fudge.

All these dishes can be prepared in our kitchens; however, they taste their best when cooked by local people using local ingredients. Therefore, we would suggest you to personally visit a place where the dish was originated, eat with the locals. If you are all set to book your Ahmedabad to New Delhi flights or any other flights, then do try out places like JetStay for best rates!

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