7 Famous Desserts in Amritsar by Travellers of India

Amritsar is also called Guru Di Nagri, which is located in the Punjab state of India. The largest urban area in Punjab, Amritsar is one of India’s most deeply spiritual cities. Here to see you in Amritsar The most attractive place is Golden Temple, Wagah Border Ceremony, Partition Museum, Legend Hindu Temple “Mata Lal Devi”, Jallianwala Bagh, Baba Atal Tower, Ram Bagh Gardens, Gobindgarh Fort, and Shri Durgiana Mandir.

As much as Amritsar is considered famous for the Golden Temple, it is also known for the famous dishes there. Because it is believed that the people of Amritsar are very fond of food. So you can order it from Swiggy by using Swiggy Coupons to get it at an affordable price. They definitely taste every dish here, for which this city is considered so famous. Punjab has played an important role in carrying on the tradition of Tasty Food of India, which continues even today.

Here are some famous desserts which are being shared with you here.

#1. Jalebi

#2. Halwa
#3. Gulab Jamun
#4. Phirni
#5. Kulfa
#6. Lassi
#7. Malpua

1. Jalebi:-
The real meaning of Jalebi is Syrup field rings and you shouldn’t miss as it plays a major role not just as a simple dessert but during Indian festivals too. Jalebi is served in a small cup that is full of liquid sugar. When you’ll come to Amritsar, you find it the best shop at Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala. you’ll get the best quality of jalebi here and taste as well.

You can also see that it’s a tiny shop in Amritsar but for its fragrance, this is famous all over the city.

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2. Halwa:-
Although in Amritsar, more visitors come to pay obeisance at the Golden Temple, there is another reason which is the never-forgettable Kada prasad hereThis kada prasad is made from wheat flour, sugar, and ghee. Kada Prasad, is first offered in the gurdwara and then it is distributed among the devotees.
If you want to eat pudding from somewhere like this, then you have to come to Katra Ahloo Valiya, Sharma Sweets in Lawrence Road.

3. Gulab Jamun:-
Gulab Jamun just like small sized balls and it is made from khoya, milk powder ingredient along with sugar, rose syrup, and cardamom powder. The main thing is that every festival and celebration without Gulab Jamun is considered incomplete. This is the most likeable dessert from all over Punjab. If you ever come o a trip to Amritsar, you will never forget the taste of Gulab Jamun here.
For eating Gulab Jamuns of 75 years old Sharma Sweets.

Phirni is made by grinding coarse rice flour in which the aroma of cardamom with lots of nuts, some dry fruits, and saffron enlivens this dessert. Phirni is served in cool clay cups called “Flat Matkas”. The clay pots absorb the liquid materials and provide a thicker layer. A thin layer of “silver paper” is spread over the phirni which is also edible. There are many other desserts that take 6 to 7 hours to make. The color of the phirni is yellow or it may be green. The texture of this delicacy is soft and simply melts in the mouth and brings on every dessert lover’s face.

If you are ready to eat Phirni ever plans to come to Amritsar, So go to recommended shops which is Ahuja Milk Bhandar and Kesar Da Dhaba.

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5. Kulfa:- Kulfa refers to the rich, mouthwatering dessert from the city of Amritsar. A large-sized kulfi is cut and fresh Rabri of rich flavor is added to it and add a generous amount of almond and pistachio. To make it tastier, it is served on top with Lachha and Falooda, Rabri, Some Crusade Ice, Gun Katira. This is one of the best alternatives to eating ice creams in summer.

When you’ll have made plans to visit Amritsar, be sure to try this delicacy at A-One-Kulfa, Queens Road Amritsar.

6. Lassi:- Lassi is considered an effective remedy to beat summers. In Punjab, Lassi is drunk after having a meal. It’s prepared by blending some optional fruits, spices, added flavors, yogurt, water, and ice cubes served cool to the people. In a Traditional way, Lassi is served in a handless clay cup known as Kulhar, and extra malai(clotted fresh cream) if do you like spooned on the top before serving.
So, don’t miss this yummy refreshing dessert at any cost while in Amritsar. You can try to taste lassi at Giyan Chand Lassi, Ahuja Milk Bhandar, Bharawa da Dhaba, New Munim Di Hatti, Surjan Singh Milk Bhandar

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7. Malpua:- Malpua is a famous dessert for all. In fact, it’s so common that you may even brush it off. But as well as Malpua deserves a lot of respect because it is the oldest dessert Across India. Malpua, which are small deep-fried pancakes that are soaked in sugar syrup. The Malpua is popular for all kinds’ Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Saawan month.

By the way, Malpua is a famous and popular dessert in all most all Indian states but the methods of preparations can be different from region to region.

Must try this dessert at Novelty sweets, Bira Sweets, and other sweets shops.

There are many other famous desserts in Amritsar that you can try because when you come here, So automatically you will not be able to stop yourself from trying different types of desserts. And I’m definitely sure about that you will always remember the taste of Amritsar.

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