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Imphal is the capital city of the Indian state of Manipur situated in the Manipur River valley, 2,500 feet above sea level. Imphal is located in the centre of the state, making navigation through the state easier. There are plenty of hotels in Imphal, majorly in the central area. Manipur is largely credited to have introduced Polo to the British. Ruins of the Palace of Kangla are in the city centre. Imphal is blessed with a landscape of green-blue hills, lush fields and low-lying clouds.

The city is the site of a major victory for British and Indian troops against the Japanese in World War II. Surprisingly, after the war, the town rose up with new vigour and rebuilt itself from scratch. Following is the listicle of top 12 places that one must not miss while in Imphal.

1. Loktak Lake is home to the largest floating islands of India. Islands including Sendra and Keibul National Park is situated on the lake. It is the largest freshwater lake in North Eastern India. It is also the only floating lake the world over.

2. Kangla Fort is also known as the Palace of Kangla. It has a historical and an archaeological significance making it a sought-after tourist attraction. Kangla Fort once represented the land’s culture.

3. Sirohi National Park—India’s smallest forest reserve—earned the status of National Park in the year 1982. Set atop a hilly terrain and with many valleys, the views of the park are breathtaking.

4. Manipur State Museum has collections in its gallery sections of Natural History, Archaeology, Painting and Children’s Gallery. It creates awareness and interest on the need to conserve wildlife among visitors.

5. Tharon Cave is a 655-meter long cave that can be explored inside out by visitors. The cave attracts visitors interested in adventurous activities.

6. Langthabal in Imphal is famous for its splendid temples and cultural monuments. Also, the jackfruit and pine plantations are worth a watch.

7. Singda Dam is the highest mud dam in the world. It is at the height of few meters above sea level. It offers scenic views and serene atmosphere.

8. Shri Govindajee Temple is a significant temple in Manipur, situated near the royal palace. It is constructed in Nagara Style of architecture.

9. Manipuri State Museum was set up in 1969. It houses various categories of artefacts such as Natural History, Ethnology, Archaeology, and Painting. It showcases the articles owned primarily by Manipuri rulers.

10. Phubala is located on the western borders of the Loktak Lake. It has many attractions around it. Activities like water sports can be carried out at the two islands that are situated in the lake.

11. Shaheed Minar is an eleven-meter tall tower situated in the centre of Bir Tikendrajit Park. It is a memorial for those who died in the Meitei Revolt in 1891 while fighting against the British.

12. Manipur Zoological Gardens is specialised in preservation and breeding of rare species. The place was established in 1976 and is surrounded by hills.

As one can infer, Imphal has a lot of attractions for its travellers. Also, there are plenty of hotels in Imphal to accommodate city’s visitors. Imphal Airport is eight km from Imphal city. Check out these places next time you hop to this beautiful city.'
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