12 Worth Visiting Attractions in Mangalore

July 28, 2018 0 By Kirrily Santos

Mangalore is a major port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. Mangalore was an important port on international trade routes since the 6th century. It is also a beautiful tourist place with exquisite physical beauty and hence is present lots of hotels in Mangalore. It is located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain range. It is one of the most multicultural non-metro cities in India.

The town is filled with coconut trees, temples and churches, and beautiful beaches. Also, many classical dance forms and folk art are practised in the city. Tannirbhavi Beach in the town is famous for its sunset views. The town is renowned for its spicy seafood dishes. Mangalore port handles 75 percent of India’s coffee and cashew exports.

Below are listed top 12 worth visiting attractions in Mangalore:

1. Sultan’s Battery: Sultan’s Battery is 4 km from the city centre. It is the remnant of Tipu Sultan’s fort and a small post with views of scenic backwaters.

2. Milagres Church: Milagres Church are located in the city centre. The churches are Roman styled.

3. Kadri Hill Park:
Kadri Hill Park is the most abundant park in Mangalore. Adjacent to the park is an animal conservatory where numerous kinds of reptiles, birds, spotted deer, anteaters and other animal species can be found.

4. Ullal Beach: Twelve km south of the city is located Ullal Beach. This stretch is an excellent destination to escape from the city heat.

5. Kadri Manjunatha Temple:
This is a Kerala-style temple that houses a 1000-year-old bronze statue of Lokeshwara.

6. Light House Hill Garden:
The lighthouse is also known as Tagore Park and was built in the 18th century by Haider Ali. During the British rule in India, the tower was used by the officers to monitor incoming ships.

7. St Aloysius College Chapel:
The Portuguese arrived in the city in the early 1500s. St Aloysius chapel has an impressive structure with walls and ceilings painted with brilliant frescoes.

Also, there are a few beautiful, clean and scenic beaches in Mangalore:

8. Panambur Beach:
The beach is at a distance of 2 km from the New Mangalore Port. One can enjoy street food near the beach.

9. Surathkal Beach:
Surathkal in Mangalore is known for its technological institutions. The is around 15 km from Mangalore. Surathkal Beach and the lighthouse are a tourist attraction.

10. Ullal Beach:
The beach is located next to Someshwar Beach, where remnants of Rani Abbakka Fort, Queen Abakka’s Jain temple, and Sayyid Madani Darga are also present for a visit.

11. Tannirbhavi Beach:
Tannirbhavi Beach is a calm and secluded beach far from the city.

12. Someshwara Beach:
Someshwara Beach is located in Ullal and is famous for its sunset view. Its rocks are known as ‘Rudra Shilas’. At the end of the beach, is located an old Someshwara Temple.

Thus, Mangalore is an underrated tourist destination with a lot of beaches and attractions. There are many hotels in Mangalore that can be used for accommodation.

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