3 Places in Kolkata to Scare You to the Core!

Kolkata is a pretty famous part of India. But, mostly it is popular for reasons like festivals, the food, traditions etc. However, you would be surprised to known that there are a plenty of places in Kolkata which are quite popular because of some weird reasons as well, mostly because they are way too haunted. Once you are done booking your Goa to Kolkata or New Delhi to Kolkata flights, do take out some time to add these things to your Kolkata itinerary.

Listed below are top 3 scariest places to see in Kolkata:

• National Library
National Library is one of the hugest libraries in the country as per the volume. National Library in Alipore is not just a library but it is also a heritage building which was constructed somewhere in the year, 1953. After w while the place turned into one of the most haunted places. There are a plenty of scary instances that people have witnessed here including some weird sounds. Many people have reported the sounds of footsteps whenever they came here alone. Also, some people have even witnessed something as scary as the sound of someone breathing behind their necks. Also, some were even haunted by the visuals of spirits as the place is haunted by the ghost of Lord Metcalfe’s wife.

• South Park Street Cemetery
People consider the South Park Street Cemetery as one of the places where you can go for photography as well. It is a place for the botanists as the cemetery is considered as one of the most ancient burial grounds in the area. But, not just that, it is also known as a scary place to be. The cemetery is supposed to be haunted. And, various people have experienced all sorts of bizarrely paranormal activities here. Starting from the shadows of people to feeling someone’s presence even when no one is around. This place only for the Braveheart! After you are done booking your Mumbai to Kolkata or New Delhi to Kolkata flights, do take out sometime to view some videos or images of this place.

• The Lower Circular Road Cemetery
The name cemetery itself is enough to haunt you. However, some of the cemeteries are extremely haunted and one of them is this, The Lower Circular Road Cemetery. It is nothing but an ancient Christian cemetery which is quite old. It was built somewhere around 1840. However, it is not one of normal cemeteries. There are a host of scary stories associated to this place. It is normal to experience creepy things here. The place is said to be haunted by a British civil servant. Unfortunately, he lost his life in the Anglo-Afghan War, but since then he has been able to somehow present here.

All set to enjoy a thrilling trip to Kolkata??

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