4 Pious Places to Step Foot on While in Cuddapah

Cuddapah is a city in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh State in India; it is known as the ‘Heart of Rayalaseema’. Cuddapah is currently known by its Telugu name ‘Kadapa’. The city is surrounded on three sides by the Nallamala and Palkonda hills and is located eight km south of the Penneru River. Cuddapah Railway Station is one of the A-category railway station in South Central Railway Zone. The city is well known for its spicy cuisine.

The city is nicknamed ‘Gadapa’ meaning threshold as it is the gateway from the west to the sacred hills of Tirumala. There are many religious attractions in the city. There are also present different types of hotels in Cuddapah. Let us have a look at four fantastic religious attractions set on the land of Cuddapah.

1. Brahmamgari Matam Temple:

In Andhra Pradesh State, Brahmam garu was a very renowned person who predicted incidents of ‘Kaliyuga’. It is widely said and also proved that every incident that Brahmam garu had predicted actually did happen. It is firmly believed in the region that Brahmam garu will emerge as Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu some time in Kaliyuga to destroy the evil forces and reinstall ‘Dharma’, divinity and generosity in humans.

2. Devuni Kadapa Sri Venkateswara Temple:

The Devuni Kadapa Sri Venkateswara Temple is regarded as the doorstep for Lord Venkatesa of Tirumala. In the past, people used to travel to Tirumala after visiting this temple. Also, the temple is unique as you find Lord Anjaneya behind the main Idol of Sri Venkatesa.

3. Pushpagiri:

Pushpagiri is a village in Cuddapah. It is rightly called as the city of temples. It is a picturesque location where you can find pretty ancient temples. Also, it qualifies as a right picnic spot too. Here, look for the dominant Sri Chakram installed in one of the Goddess Kanaka Durga Temples.

4. Vontimitta Town:

Kodandarama Temple is the Hindu temple located in Vontimitta. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple is dated to the 16th century and is regarded as the largest temple in the region. Here, Sri Rama, Seetha, Lakshmana and Anjaneya are carved on a single stone. It is maintained that the well known Telugu Poet, Pothana has not only translated the Ramayana in Telugu but also submitted it to Lord Sri Rama, in this village. It is also maintained that the poet and his literature were protected by Lord Rama when the king and his soldiers tried to destroy them. The temple is located on Kadapa-Chennai highway at Vontimitta.

The city of Cuddapah is hence known for its history and spirituality with lots of holy temples present in the region. Travel to Cuddapah to visit these deities and enjoy Cuddapah’s intrinsic spicy cuisine. There are many hotels present in Cuddapah and various other facilities for travellers.

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