7 Most Amazing Tips to Travel India

If you really want to visit an exotic historical destination, India is the best option to move around. It has a number of tourist spots, beaches, monuments, etc. This democratic country has a lot of things from what you can learn, accept as well listen out its lessons. The fascinating beauty of India and hospitality is too good to stop someone from leaving this country any sooner, and that’s the reason many visitors end up having prolonged trips.

Every tourist imagines best and builds high expectations while traveling to a new place, city or country, even I did the same. But when we get into that country, start eating and spending time with them, we come to different conclusions of bitter truths and surprising realities of that place where we move around.

Today, I’ll let you know about 7 most amazing and helpful tips while traveling in India that I got through my experience.

  1. Stay Flexible regarding your traveling Plans
  2. Get information about the requirements of entry
  3. Give value to your Money
  4. Adopt local dress code
  5. Keep your Health at Priority
  6. Be aware of Scammers, Frauds or Touts
  7. Stay Alert for your own Safety

Stay Flexible regarding your traveling Plans:
While traveling in India, many certain things will happen e.g. you will hear the most specific phrase of two letters i.e. “NO.” You can get into different frustrating situations. In that case, you need to keep a Plan B ready always.

You must be known of that famous phrase, “when nothing goes right, turn left.” Keep this phrase in your mind and always stay flexible while planning your trip. Plan your trip with smart thoughts by having all the Pros and Cons of your travel time in your mind.

Get information about the requirements of entry:

Before traveling to India, firstly check your all belongings that are necessary as per the requirements for entering the country like passport validity, Indian authorized visa, especially an onward or return ticket. But if you are a tourist, you can go for ETA, which stands for Electronic Travel Authorization.

Give value to your Money

Give your money value as there are lots of frauds in India. Try to use ATMs, debit cards, credit cards, cheques as well you can use money wallets too for transactions.
But many small Indian towns have no ATM or bank services, for that, you have to keep up a nice amount of cash safely. Stay alert from pickpockets. Don’t take your money out in crowded places.

Adopt local dress code

Indian culture is full of festivals and a number of highly celebrated occasions. Try to adopt the dress code as same as the local Indians do. Enjoy their festivals along with their theme adaptation and you’ll surely be going to have fun then.

Keep your Health at Priority
Indian food is full of spice and oil. The street food in India is too yummy and delicious, but it isn’t something ideal for the well-being of your stomach. So, keep your health a priority for the sake of your life and also for the sake of your next traveling spot.

Be aware of Scammers, Frauds or Touts

While traveling in India, you’ll meet a number of frauds, cons, touts and also scary scammers. You just need to stay aware of all the scammers or frauds. Try to travel with some of your known person or any travel guide, or else beware of such touts that can deprive you of your belongings as well.

Stay Alert for your own Safety
Try to avoid while riding any bus or local ride in odd times or hours. Carry a normal amount of cash safely for emergency cases but don’t show out your cash to anyone. Stay alert of gangsters, rapists, and thieves in buses. Don’t go out while protests or strikes are happening in your area. Keep all the Helpline numbers in your mind, for Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Police etc.
I’ve shared you the most amazing tips above that I have been explaining to all of my fellows who ever asks me about my trip to India. Before traveling to any place, country or any state, always search for different tips like Tips for finding the best food in whatever place you are going, Tips to Find the Best Destination, Tips to find most Historical Places etc etc…!

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