Can You Live Without Travelling?

In the past years, the way people perceive travel has changed drastically. Some travel for business while others for leisure. But some travel because they just love doing it. Travel shouldn’t be a forced option. Rather it should be something that one enjoys doing. But before you come down to asking someone, can you live without travelling, we need to understand what does travel mean.

So, what exactly is travel? According to Oxford Dictionary, travel is to ‘make a journey, typically of some length’. It is also known as ‘the action of travelling’ or ‘moving typically in a constant or predictable way’. It is not necessary that ‘this journey or place’ you are travelling to has to be a specific location. It can be just about any place. Now comes the next question, can you live without travelling? Why is it important to travel? Well, this can vary from person to person, as everyone individual has a different ideology and understanding of the term.

For a person who travels for the kick and not for the money, it may mean so much more. While the person who doesn’t really love travelling but does so for financial purposes, it might mean something different. The path of travel is like a road to self-discovery and happiness. It helps you live a life with exploration and new experiences.

Travelling helps you learn, grow, and understand oneself even better. To understand all of this or rather experience it, you can travel to just about any place. Be it a town or city, a country or state, you can choose a place that calms you, gives you peace. One you find this place, you surely won’t let it go.

So, if you ask me, whether can I live without travelling, the answer is, no. Travelling is important because it transforms oneself. It helps you broaden your horizons and makes you more aware. You get to connect with other cultures, gives you a much-needed break from your mundane lifestyle, and also helps you discover one’s fears and strengths. Another thing that travel teaches you or gives in return (something that I personally love) are the memories and experiences that will stay with you for life. You also tend to become more appreciative of what you currently have.

Thus, like I mentioned earlier, travel not because you are forced to but because you want to. And it’s not a bad thing, it might, in fact, make you love life even more than you already do. Decide your location, choose which airlines you want to travel with, book your air tickets, and get on flights! So, I’ll continue travelling till I guess I can, hoping to pick up new memories, meet new people, and gain experiences that will help me better myself.

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