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About Kolkata
Kolkata is referred to as being the “City of Joy” and one couldn’t agree more! Anyone who has been to the city would’ve learnt to smile better, sweeter and more often. Even while greeting each other, there’s warmth, sweetness and enthusiasm in the gesture and body-language of people there. Despite being the most advanced city intellectually, literally and philosophically, Kolkata has stayed true to its roots and that is manifested in the culture and traditions practised by the localites there. It is, in all ways, the “Cultural Capital” of India.

Things to do in Kolkata
Just strolling along the lanes of Kolkata could be an experience to cherish, for the city is a work of art. However for those who love to indulge in sight-seeing and touring around the popular places, Kolkata wouldn’t disappoint you. Howrah Bridge built across Hooghli River, is the sixth-longest bridge of its mind in the world and is a sight to behold. It looks like a work of magic when it is lit in the evening and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Birla Mandir and Dakshineshwar Temple are beautifully carved havens for Radha-Krishna and Kali Maa respectively. There is a feeling of piety that engulfs you when you step into these temples, while you’re awed to witness these beautifully carved places of worship. Victoria Memorial and Marble Palace will please the ones who love to be smitten by works art and want to delve in to the history that dates back to ages. For the ones who can’t have enough to read, National Library will keep you engaged for the rest of your trip with about 2 million books to choose from. The adorers of Rabindranath Tagore must visit Jorasanko Thakur Bari to feel the presence of one of the greatest poets and thinkers. With all of these and many more places to visit, Kolkata will not leave you with any time in hand to loiter around aimlessly.

Kolkata being a huge city, a pre-planned itinerary will come to your rescue and save you a lot of time. If you haven’t in a while felt the joy of living, Kolkata is where you need to be.

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