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Pune city is located on the Deccan plateau, 560 metres above sea level. It is a sprawling city in the state of Maharashtra with glittering urban life. The city is an educational and corporate centre in the country, and also there are plenty of hotels present in Pune. Because of which, the metropolis has sizeable young population. It is called as ‘Oxford of the East’ due to the presence of well-known educational institutions in the city. The ‘Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Rankings’, after evaluating living conditions in more than 440 cities around the world, ranked Pune at 145.

The city has more than 100 pubs and nightclubs. Also, the bars here remain open till late, sometimes even as late as 4 AM. Due to these reasons, Pune comes alive in the after-hours. The city has high-end bars and classy breweries with vibrant nightclubs for the dynamic and increasing young population of the town.

Below are top 5 nightclubs in Pune that are young and dynamic:

1. Mi A Mi

Mi A Mi is one of the top nightclubs in Pune. It is designed as an underground garage. It boasts of the biggest dance floor that is spread over 15,000 sq ft. The quality of the cocktails and service at Mi A Mi is impressive. The interior is a smart blend of browns and deep burgundy. The club calls the best DJs and plays the best dance numbers. It is the destination where city’s wildest party animals dance until morning. The bed lounge section is present at the side of the club if one wants to talk.

2. The High Spirits Cafe

High Spirits Cafe is a pocket-friendly pub. Head here to get your favourite drinks at affordable prices. The club plays live music, hosts karaoke night and DJ nights on different days of the week. The club also hosts frequent live performances and off-beat music. Some of the cocktails served here are Apple ‘n’ Watermelon Martini and Twist Passion Fruit Martini.

3. Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl is set in the luxurious Hyatt. The place has a lounge style atmosphere and is best for hearing the lively music. The site offers a comfortable and cosy seating area. The location provides best in city variety of premium liquors and cocktails. The open deck ensures unobstructed cool breeze. Signature cocktails are served in little glass fish-bowls. Jain Food is also available at the place.

4. Mix@36

Mix@36 is set in a luxury hotel with a backdrop of Mula-Mutha River. The bar and the seating are vibrantly decorated with LEDs. Mix@36 offers a view of the city and is a top after-party destination.

5. Area 51

Area 51 is a restaurant cum bar. It has a unique dance floor and an amazingly unique ambience. The place has the capacity of handling a massive crowd on two different levels. The sound system of the site is apt and the sitting, comfortable. Area 51 has a revolving dance floor.

So, next time when you are in Pune, check out one or a couple from the above list and stay sure to have a memorable night.

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