What to Expect from Kangyaste Shoulder Trek?

The Kangyaste, a proud part of the Himalayan Mountain range rises 6400 meters (20,997 feet) above sea level. Climbing the left shoulder of Kangyatse requires only elementary mountaineering skills, and is a wonderful introduction for beginners. The Kangyaste shoulder trek takes you through valleys and lesser known trails to sightsee the spots where nomadic herders shepherded their flocks. The expedition commences from the popular Lamayuru Gompa, situated in the Kargil district in Ladakh. It is around a 5-6 hour drive from Leh. One of the largest and oldest monasteries in Ladakh belongs to the Red-Hat sect of Buddhism. All set to book cheap flight tickets to the nearest airport?

While passing by the Ripchar Valley and its breathtaking views, one would have to glide over the streaming Zanskar River to hike though charming Markha Valley. Follow the paths literally less traveled, cross the startling high passes and flourishing valleys, and soothe your senses in the ancient monasteries. Scattered little villages, each with their own irrigated fields of barley and potatoes add different shades to the environment. Looking to book cheap flight tickets to the nearest airport?
A meeting with the locals will add life to the journey. You will be introduced to a new way of living, and you will be touched by their warmness. Calmness entrenched in the atmosphere of the region help to nourish the mind, body and soul. The happiness of reaching so high, and winning over the battles that seemed impossible would take over all the tiredness once you breathe in the invigorating air of the Himalayas!

Trekking 6400 meters (20,997 feet) above Sea Level!
Kangyaste is a beautiful looking mountain situated in Ladakh. It is one of those pleasantly soothing places on earth which cast a spell on the tourists. Kangyaste Shoulder trek requires minimal mountaineering training and even a beginner can fully enjoy this climb without getting hassled. With so much happening while you are on the move, one thing that will surely stick to your mind is the appeal of the area.

Located around 5-6 hours from Leh, this piece of land preserves the natural goodness, and offers some enthralling views of the Himalayas. Enjoy the Picture-perfect beauty of the Ripchar Valley, splendid views of the snow-clad peaks of Stok & Zanskar Mountains while embracing the beauty entrenched in every part of this area.

Rhizong monastery which is popularly known as “The Paradise for Meditation” is the perfect place to spend some time with the self. Skiu Gompa, place that houses in ancient Maitreya Buddha could be visited as well. Buddhism values are embedded in the setting of Ladakh, making it all the more pleasant.

Several small villages can be spotted. Some of them are very old and are linked to the history of India in a way. The people who live here are simple, and know how to deal with the hardships that come with the benefits of living in such pristine piece of land. Onset of the journey would make your heart pump faster, and as the journey would progress towards the end, you would start longing for a bit more.

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