This Is a Guide to Enjoying the Nightlife Mumbai Has to Offer

A city that never sleeps, Mumbai’s nights are as lively as the day with a glamour of glistening lights and the sound of pop music. And if you are on your holiday packages in India, then you must have a look about the city in the street lights. There are bars, restaurants, hawkers, and beaches that function all night for the people who step out of their houses to have some late night fun. So, if you are in Mumbai or are planning a trip to the city, here is a guide to enjoying the nightlife in Mumbai.

Admire the City Lights- Marine Drive

Mumbai is lit up all night and the lanes are run over by cars and trucks throughout the year. All you have to do is step out of your house in the night. The traffic is quite hectic till about 11.00pm but after that, the frequency of road-trotters decreases as all the corporate people are home. Now, you can drive through the sprawl of the city and enjoy the lights and cool breeze in the night. Maine Drive is famous for such night drives and you can also sit here and enjoy bhutta and chai. Don’t be surprised of the company as you will have people like you out with their friends. Soak in the skyline and enjoy the calm of the sea at Marine Drive or Nariman Point.

By the Beach- Juhu Chowpatty

The beach is open at every hour of the day throughout the week and you can drop here with companions or alone any time you like. This place too is slightly crowded in the night but finding a resemblance in the cause of their presence will instil a sway in you. Enjoy music on your bluetooth speakers or get your mates with a guitar and sing your songs out loud. You can also indulge in the food that is served at the many stalls present here. Juhu Chowpatty closes at midnight.

Savour the Flavour- Bademiya


If you have been traveling about the city all day and are now hungry for a bite, then head to Bademiya. This food joint in Colaba serves delicious kebabs and tikkas that will leave an impression on your taste-buds you will not forget. The vegetarians can also find some snacks of their liking and the company of friends will just add to the amusement. Otherwise, it is strictly for the meat-lovers. Bademiya is located behind the Taj Mahal in Colaba and is open till 3.00 am. If you are staying close by, then you can also ask for a delivery.

Party the Night- Trilogy/AER/Toto’s Garage

City with a wild nightlife, Mumbai has some of the topnotch nightclubs in India. With themed decors, craft beer, and happening crowd, the nightclubs and bars rightly set the mood for drink.

Trilogy is located in Hotel Sea Princess, in Juhu and is one of the hyped nightclubs in Mumbai. The ambiance is low-lit and the couches reflect crimson. The bar is stocked with cocktails and wines and there is a level with dance floor, if you feel the groove. It stays open on every day except Sunday and Monday from 10am to 3.00am.

The 34th floor of the Four Seasons hotel is where AER serves drinks in a soothing ambiance and a view of the city. Amazing place to experience the nightlife in Mumbai on holiday packages India.

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Toto’s Garage is a themed bar in Bandra that feels like a drinking session in garage. A VW Beetle hangs from the ceiling while the DJ takes his place in the Maruti Van. The food is also delicious and the place is crowded. Open from 6.00pm to 1.00am.

Entertain in Mumbai

There are several places in Mumbai that promise amusement and quality time with friends. You can go to the Blue Frog in Lower Parel. It features live music, celebrity performances, and amazing food and drinks to unwind. It is open from 6.00pm to 1.30am.

If watching a movie is your idea of recreation then late night movie at Metro is for you. The cost of tickets is cheap and the crowd is fun.

The Canvas Laugh Club in the Palladium Mall is another place you should head to in the night for a dose of laughter. Famous comedians of India take their place on the stage and deliver jokes that will get your tummy hurting.

If you are looking for holiday packages India and Mumbai is a stop, then definitely find time to indulge in the nightlife of the city. Now, you even know what to do and where to go. Have fun!'
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