What Makes a Hotel/Resort or Campsite in Patnitop the Best?

Patnitop is a beautiful hill station and you will find various reports situated in the area. Many of them are located Sanasar, a beautiful hill station in Jammu province of Jammu and Kashmir State. Vast meadows, limitless coniferous tress, and snow-capped mountains encircle the resorts, offering splendid views of nature’s unblemished beauty. Just recline on the open green ground, gaze at the grace of the open sky, and absorb the equanimity of the place. All ready to do your air ticket booking to the nearest airport now?

If you choose to opt for a camp stay then
Encampment will mostly contain comfortable tents, secure washrooms, a peaceable meditation hall, and a cosy tent restaurant. Walk barefooted on the moist grass and witness the absolute splendour of sunup from the sunrise point. All required in-room facilities including wall-to-wall carpets, restful beds, electricity etc. will be provided in the tents, with safe and ecological environment.

How to find the best Restaurant
Satisfy your food yearning with delectable local dishes like Dum Aloo, Pulao with the essence of Saffron etc. and end the meal with a cup of flavorful Kahva. All the food items are prepared in Patnitop mostly using organically grown ingredients. Cherish the pleasant experience of relishing some mouth-watering delicacies inside the tent, while listening to the peaceful melodies of winds playing with the leaves.

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What else can you do in Patnitop?

Spend some time with your inner self in our eco-structured hall. Gain internal harmony and serenity by meditating in the soothing ambience, away from the urban chaos.
Open Area-Lounge

Play volleyball, cricket, or football with your mates in the vast green ground or just sit out and sip a hot cup of noon chai while gazing at the nature’s beauty.
Activities to indulge

Unite your individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit and unfold the infinite potentials of your mind and soul with yoga asanas amidst nature.

Horse Riding
Green alpine meadows and low rolling hills provide superb paths for horse rides in this region. With splendid vistas all around, capturing the charm of Jammu in a lens, on a horseback is an unforgettable experience.

Glide like a bird using your colourful artificial wings and witness the pleasance of charming Sansar valley and serene Himalayas.
Archery and Rifle Shooting

Gather a unique experience of shooting with a bow and an arrow, or hitting the bull’s eye using a rifle. We to add spice to the holidaying, conduct electrifying sports of rifle shooting and archery.

Enjoy an exceptional experience of rolling down the hill in a spinning orb while your pals laugh at your rotating body. You will get an awesome opportunity to observe the revolving sky and the ground simultaneously.

Burma Bridge
Praise yourself for crossing the Burma Bridge slowly and steadily. This activity will force your fear to fly away by giving you a chance to test your endurance and strength.

Rock climbing and Rappelling
Do not forget to enjoy the famous sports of hilly regions- rock climbing and rappelling. Jump with triumph when you reach your destination after clearing all the rocky obstacles.

Explore the biodiversity of the region with a trek in the woods. The snow-covered highlands, the gushing streams, and the flourishing valleys make an ideal destination for trekking. A moderate hike to RAJA SHANKHPAL” PEAK” offers a bird eye view to several mountain ranges. You will also get a chance to quench your thirst with spring waters on the way.

Slide down the frosty slopes of Himalayas and experience the enthusiasm stored in the hills. However, the beautiful environs, while gliding on the icy terrain might distract you.
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