What to Pack When You Plan a Holiday to India?

With its diverse cultural stature and equally variant landscape, India makes for an excellent place to visit during any time of the year. More and more people spend their holidays in India, and the number is increasing with the passage of every year. But India can be tricky sometimes with places that are full-fledged with all the modern amenities and those where no matter how high you raise your phone, there is no signal. Packing smart and carefully makes a lot of difference when you travel to any place. Here is a list of what to pack when you plan a holiday in India.


1. A multi-pocket waist bag
From carrying money to a paper soaps, the use of a multi-pocket waist bag is open to imagination. It lets you keep multiple items such as credit cards, coins, USB charger, and your visa etc. safely. Also, it provides quick access to these things while letting you walk free. No need to bother about the snatchers that you might encounter at railway stations and crowded places in India.

2. Clothes as per the region
India’s diverse landscape and its location make it subject to varying climates. So, if you are planning to travel the entire country, then it is better to pack clothes that suit hot weather as well as cold. Just one pair or two pairs of each is excellent and most of the hotels in India offer laundry service. So, there is no bother of wearing dirty clothes again.

3. Female Urination Device
Though toilets are now available at most of the places in cities, if you travel to the interiors, then finding a place to take nature’s call could be a hassle. Especially for women, so it is better to carry a female urination device. With this device, you can just stand and pee in a corner that is hidden from the eyes of people. For men, there is no problem at all.

4. A Backpack
A backpack is necessary for any place, but in India, it becomes of vital importance. It lets you keep your water bottle, change of clothes, camera, and a whole range of other stuff. Also, India is filled with things to take back home and it better to have a bag for souvenirs.

5. Indian Power Adapter
India has a different set of plug points, and every traveller must carry one of the Indian adapters on their holiday in India. And since the age is digital and people are dependent on technology all the time, and they need to be charged. So Indian adapter in the bag.

6. Portable Charger
A portable charger makes a lot of difference when you are on the go on a bus or camping. It comes handy and is easy to carry. Keep a good one to make sure that you can charge your electronics as per the need. Lest you might regret missing a mesmerizing click. It’s India after all.

Other than these items, you can also keep a sunscreen and mosquito repellent. And a nice pair of shoes to explore the city street where all the action is. With these things in place, you are armed to enjoy your holiday in India.
Have a nice trip.

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