The Cities of Young India – Mumbai and Bangalore


Bangalore and Mumbai are the cities where any Indian would like to pass his/her youth in. The cities are major metropolis cities of India. Bangalore being the IT hub of India and Mumbai, the fashion and bollywood capital, the cities are bound to attract Indian youths. Mumbai and Bangalore are approximately 1000 kms from each other by road. Mumbai and Bangalore, both have some of the top institutions of the country for making youth capable.

Bangalore is situated at an elevation of 900 meters, enjoying pleasant climate almost throughout the year while Mumbai enjoys the ocean. Both the metros have a brilliant infrastructure.

Mumbai has this amazing transportation solution called Mumbai local, which is risky with the ever increasing population in Mumbai. Recently, an unlucky stampede took place at one of Mumbai’s stations. You can get amazing fashionable clothes at cheap prices in Mumbai. Mumbai has a National Park in the center of the city. Mumbai has this unique Parsi community. Mumbai celebrates every festival of India. You can get everything you need in various bazaars of Mumbai. Mumbai is the hub for opportunities.


On the other hand Bangalore have pubs everywhere! Bangalore is a paradise for music lovers. Bangalore is the clean and green city, having less of a traffic problem, which is increasing though. Bangalore like Mumbai is safe for women and has a low crime rate. In and around Bangalore, there are wonderful places for vacationers like Mysore, Nandi hills, BR hills, Vellore, Coorg, Ooty, and Tirupati.

If one wants to travel from Bangalore to Mumbai, there are plenty of flights available between the cities. The daily count of Bangalore to Mumbai flight is around 80. With such a great air connectivity, one can travel between the cities at any given time. The major operators that provide their services from Bangalore to Mumbai are Jet Airways, IndiGo and Spicejet.

A Bangalore to Mumbai flights takes around 1 hour 45 minute of time for flying 1000 km. Due to around 80 flights between the cities daily, it is easy to find a cheap flight from Bangalore to Mumbai. Majorly the travelers between Bangalore to Mumbai include corporate professionals. Also, with the type of connectivity in place today in India, there are people who travel between these major cities every month or even every week.

But seriously, both Mumbai and Bangalore are havens for youth of India and the youth studying and working in these two cities is the trendsetter for the rest of the country.'
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