Dreaming About Fulfilling Our Plans for 2021

We had been taking our life and the pleasures that came with it for granted for a very long time. The year 2020, however, was a strange year for most of us and taught us many things while we were under lockdown.

Strange because our cities turned into ghost towns with all the malls, shops, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, and bars were closed. However, the vaccination changed the scenario globally, and some countries started lifting their restrictions. Things are starting to look at the brighter side for the year 2021.

We can’t wait to get back to exploring our city and going back to everyday life. Many of us have started planning for things to do after lockdown and can’t wait to start implementing them right from the minute the lockdown is lifted.

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So here some of the things you would like to do and would appreciate for a long time.

1. Heading Out for a Ride in Public Transportation in Rush Hour – Since we were all supposed to maintain social distancing, we have been aloof from each other for over a year. It’s time to get out of your house and catch hold of any of your favourite public transportation in a bustling hour; try to push your way inside and travel to your favourite destination in the jam-packed vehicle wherein you can hardly see your own fingers. We bet this will definitely be one of the most sought-after things to do after lockdown or many of you.

2. Going for a Dinner Party at Your Favourite Restaurant – Dining in your favourite restaurant or having dinner parties with your friends in small, cramped restaurants with a lot of people around chattering and eating their way out has been a dream for a while. It is one of the best things to do after lockdown, and people are going to indulge in some great dinner parties at their favourite restaurants all across the city. It would feel so typical to wait for your turn at your favourite dinner outlets with a gang of your friends talking 19 to dozens.

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3. Have a Great Movie Night at Your Favourite Multiplex With Your Friends and Family – Since lockdown, we have been getting entertained with various OTT platforms and other Internet sources at our homes. Going out for a movie night is one of the sure-shot things to do after lockdown as we miss those Coke and popcorn combos, that bantering with friends, those wacky comments during the movie, and hanging out after the movie is over.

4. Go Out on Vacation With Your Family and Friends – Travel has literally been off the charts for over a year now. We couldn’t even think to travel to a nearby local place without the risk of being infected. But now, this is going to be on top of the list for things to do after lockdown as the restrictions are being lifted. People can now plan a vacation or a short trip with their family and friends to their favourite destinations or explore an entirely new location. So, take out your travel gear to do some perfect traveling around. Get set, go!

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5. Shop Till You Drop at Some of the Busiest Places in Your City – Every city has that particular street or a mall or an area designated for shopping. Flea markets are waiting to be explored after the lockdown. So, take out your shopping bags and a wallet full of money and walk along that busiest shopping street of your city, filling up your bags with the stuff you don’t want but you still wanted to have anyways. All of those shopaholics, be ready to shop around the busiest places in your city, and this will be one of the best things to do after lockdown to relieve your stress.

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6. Go on a Culinary Tour of Your City – Though we may dine out in some of the best restaurants in the town, there are some unique places in the nooks and crannies or the gullies of our city where you get some of the best foodstuffs which you can devour. So, bring out that list of your favourite local food joints and start the gastronomic tour.

7. Return to the Regular Work Routine – ‘Work from home has become the new norm since the lockdown last year, and we all miss the office we would waltz never mind late or early. We couldn’t wait now for the lockdown to lift, and this is one of the most wanted things to do after lockdown. We can’t wait to get back on that train that takes us to a workplace and land in our cubicles, working, talking, and having fun with our colleagues. So, guys, work not from home but ‘Come to Office’ should be the new mantra in 2021.

Given above is a minimal list of all the small things to do after lockdown. The real fantasies, desires, and wishes will come true only when we push ourselves out of those closed doors and step into the real world, breathing in the air around us and living a free life.

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