Love to Travel? Buy a Travel Insurance Plan First

Love to Travel? Buy a Travel Insurance Plan First. If you love to travel to different places around the world, I’m sure that you spend loads of money on your trips. A well-organized trip involves several additional expenses like flight tickets booking, accommodation, and sightseeing, shopping, and emergency funds for travel-related risks.

Each time you buy flight tickets, the airline or travel agency puts a question “if you want to add a travel insurance policy?” If you are confused about whether or not you need this plan to insure your trip, read this article for the details of benefits and coverage offered under a travel insurance policy.

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What is Travel Insurance?
Actually, it’s a backup plan that helps you to minimize the considerable financial risk of travelling. There are different unfortunate events that can lead you to bear huge additional expenses, such as accident, illness, missed flights, cancelled trip, loss of baggage or important documents, theft or terrorism.

International flyers consider buying travel insurance very important because unfortunate events in a foreign land can burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid such unexpected expenses, it is always advised to buy a travel insurance plan.

With a travel insurance plan in your pocket, you can actually fly safer and smarter.
There are some common sets of benefits and coverage that are offered by every travel insurance plan. However, the extent of coverage and additional benefits vary from one policy to another. In the below section, check out the coverage and common benefits of travel insurance plan:

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Coverage Under Travel Insurance Plan

1. Medical Assistance
Medical insurance while travelling is as important as every other need in your daily life, especially when you’re travelling abroad because it’s important to stay secure in the event of an accident or severe illness abroad. This is the most popular reason why people buy travel insurance when flying abroad. Overseas medical care costs are very high and often become unbearable during a medical emergency. To be on a safer side, buy a travel insurance policy that covers you against any such expense arising out of a medical emergency.

If you think that your medical insurance policy will cover you against medical expenses even outside the country or during the journey, then you are wrong. In fact, no medical insurance policy provides coverage outside the country. Thus, make sure to buy a travel insurance plan with sufficient medical coverage.

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2. Trip Cancellation or Flight Delay
It covers you against the expenses incurred due to trip cancellation and flight delay. If you already have a travel insurance plan, forget all your worries about the missed flight or cancellation, as it enables you to avail a good percentage of refund or an alternate.

Some travel insurance plans also reimburse non-refundable travel costs in case of trip cancellation or delay due to any serious problem like a natural disaster or a medical emergency. Travel insurance policies offer coverage up to a limit, i.e. the extent you purchased since this is one of the major reasons why people buy travel insurance in the first place.

3. Loss of Baggage or Passport
Think of a situation where someone steals important papers, passport, or money from your bag or your checked luggage is misplaced at the airport. Obviously, you will have to face a lot of problems and bear additional expenses in finding your lost stuff. A travel insurance plan helps you financially and offers assistance to solve your problem. Therefore, it is advised to every traveller to get a travel insurance policy when planning to travel abroad or within the country.

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Before buying a travel insurance plan, it is advised to read below some tips to buy the best plan in the market:
• Analyse your needs
• Search it online
• Compare different travel insurance policies
• Buy it online

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