Why Should You Visit Kolkata; One of the Most Colorful Part of India?

Kolkata, the capital of the Indian State of West Bengal is known worldwide for its vibrancy. Kolkata, or popularly known as the ‘City of Joy’, is surely one of the most interesting places to visit in India. Therefore, a plenty of domestic flights connect Kolkata with the other parts of India on a day to day basis. So, whether you want to book Delhi to Kolkata or Bangalore to Kolkata flights, you will surely get a plenty of options. If you are also planning a trip to Kolkata, then here are a few reasons to visit Kolkata:

• The engrossing festivities
Kolkata, a buzzing part of the state of West Bengal is visited by tons of people especially during the festival season. Here, ‘Durga Pooja’ is celebrated in the most outstanding manner. Therefore, travelers who like to indulge in the festivities love to travel to Kolkata specifically during the ‘Durga Pooja’ time. Apart from that also, there are several colorful and fascinating festivals which are celebrated in Kolkata. The people of Kolkata dearly value their traditions, therefore, they never miss a chance to indulge in the cultural revelries. Therefore, it is always recommended to book your Mumbai to Kolkata or Bangalore to Kolkata flights specifically during the festive time.

• The cherished regional delicacies
One of the other fantastic reasons to visit Kolkata is to relish some of the most tasty regional food items. The street food of Kolkata is worth a try. And, of course, when you are in Kolkata, you can definitely not miss any chance to enjoy the delicious local sweetmeat of the region. So, when you are in Kolkata, it is certainly hard to maintain your weight loss goals as the tempting rolls or aromatic fishes will call you to indulge in the fun every time you pass by! Book your air tickets now to enjoy the outstanding local dishes of Kolkata.

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• Numerous remarkable places to visit
Kolkata is brimmed with several noteworthy ancient monuments and landmarks. Kolkata has a lot instore for the history buffs as well. Starting from the Victoria Temple to the numerous churches, you will find many places worth visiting in Kolkata. It is just that you have to know about them, so that you do not miss a chance to see them. Also, make sure you do plan a visit to the famous cricket ground, the ‘Eden Gardens’ as well. So, when you book your Guwahati to Kolkata or Bangalore to Kolkata flights, make sure you do your research well, and include every possible ancient landmark in your Kolkata travel itinerary.

Apart from the reasons listed above also, there are a plenty of reasons that make a trip to Kolkata worth it. Plus, when it comes to booking the air tickets, you will surely get a lot of options as the transportation in Kolkata is amazing.

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