Wedding in Maharajas’ Express

The Maharajas’ Express has been an elegant luxury train serving blue-blooded vacation for all. What is the height of luxury in Maharajas’ Express? Are you thinking about a weeklong vacation in the Presidential suite of the train? There is something far more than that. How about booking the entire train for you and your family.

Just like me, you would be having a great plan for a fairytale wedding. How about making it a real scenario, rather than just a dream. Book a weeklong vacation with Maharajas’ Express train. However, this time, you would be booking the entire train. No, it is not just about having the train for yourself. The train takes steps to cover every ceremony of wedding.

Wedding of Maharajas’ Express
Each community and culture has its own style of wedding, ceremonies post and prior to the wedding and so on. The staffs in the train would arrange everything for all the ceremonies. However, you need to express every single need of yours, during the booking time. Last minute requests are almost impossible to satisfy in a moving train.
One more advantage of having a wedding in Maharajas’ Express is you can enjoy a captivating honeymoon along with your wedding. This is for those who are looking for a small and special ceremony. The train can only bear 88 passengers apart from the staffs. You can customize every part of your wedding, starting from how your honeymoon suite should be decorated to what kind of cake you prefer to cut.

Since the chartered option launch, the wedding in Maharajas’ Express has been an ultimate hit. Numerous celebrities and trendsetters have had their wedding in the train. The best of all is the photoshoot. You get to enjoy a wedding photoshoot at numerous exotic destinations of India and in the most luxurious train of the world.

Booking wedding
For wedding, you need to pick either Heritage of India or Jewels of India itinerary. The estimate entire cost of the journey for wedding vacation is INR 5.5 crore. It is not just for wedding. You could hire the train for corporate events, bachelor parties, fashion shoot, film shoot and much more. You need to book the tickets at least six months before the departure date.

About the Maharajas’ Express train and Itinerary Sightseeing
Maharajas’ Express launched in 2010, the Maharaja Express is one of the most fascinating ways to travel around India, the route starts in Mumbai and ends in Delhi with duration of 7 days. The Maharaja Express offers you a unique journey in which you get involved in the Indian culture as if you were part of royalty during your journey.
If your passion is to travel with luxury, you have to know this train, with 14 wagons and room for only 88 passengers, you will enjoy the best of food and comfort. The train has five luxury cabins; six are junior suites, two suites and a Grand Presidential Suite.

The train has two exquisite restaurants, bar and lounge, in which dinners worthy of royalty are organized. Its ornate and sumptuous interiors have a vibrant and striking design.
At each stop you will be accompanied by expert guides to immerse yourself in the rich culture, historical treasures, the wildlife, temples and heritage palaces of India, among your tour you will visit the sacred city of Varanasi, a cruise on the river Ganges to observe the ancient rites spiritual, the immortal beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra, the temples of Khajuraho, the elegance and imperial splendor of the Nawabs of Lucknow and the desert of the Bandhavgarh National Park. The Train Booking Prices vary by room and Cabins, but range from USD 3850 to USD 23700 per person.

Do not blindly choose any luxury train India website of Maharajas’ Express. Choose reputed travel agents or official site of the train for mass booking. Read through the instructions, conditions and other details before you book tickets. While booking, add every requirement in the special request column. This includes even the smallest detail from the color of the cake to the type of liquor needed. Last minute changes are not appreciated.

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