Why Should You Visit Varkala This Winters?

A town in South Indian, Varkala is an eminent part of Kerala. The town is rested on the Arabian Sea. The place is majorly known for Varkala Beach, which is brimmed with palm-covered red cliffs. Not just the beaches even a plenty of temples in Varkala are some of the top places to Visit in Varkala. It is blessed by a few of the most naturally attractive places. A walk in the Parks or a sanctified visit to the temples one can opt to do a plenty of things here in Varkala. So, book flight tickets to the nearest airport now.

Walk in the beach!
Strolling in the Papanasam Beach, which is believed to have sanctified waters, or cycling around the other coats, everything that you do here in Varkala would give you a refreshing feeling. Also, gliding in the adjacent lake while looking at the striking charm of sunset would certainly be an unforgettable experience. Varkala has a lot to offer to the adventure aficionados as well. Plus, here in the town, a tourist would get several opportunities to soak in the pleasance of the gardens and the parks.

Sanctify your soul at the Churches & Temples
A Jaunt to some of the most creatively created temples like Janardanaswamy Temple etc., or to churches, will you a chance to purify your soul while soaking up the beauty of the place. The creatively designed vintage churches boost the natural beauty of the surroundings. Availability of a plenty of Budget Hotels in Varkala makes it easier for tourists to visit this region. Book domestic flight tickets to the nearest airport now.

Picnic in the town
There are a plenty of ancient landmarks in the town which serve as outstanding picnic sites for the travelers. Just relax in Edava Beach or somewhere near the forts while sipping a glass of your favorite drink, and enjoy the fascinating views of the stunning natural scenes.

Historical Visit
Anjengo Fort is one of the most eminent places to Visit in Varkala. Plus, the churches and temples of the place, a few museums are good to give a gist of the remarkable history of the region. Want to visit? Book flight tickets to the nearest airport now.

Just Chill!
Have you ever wished to relax on the couch without stress, while unceasingly staring at the greenery outside? How lovely will it be to revel in your loved book while sipping a hot cup of coffee! Eating your breakfast while looking at the beauty of sun rise, and adoring a ride on the boat under the sparkling sky would surely be an everlasting experience. This town has a plenty in the offing for the history lovers who want to know all about the old and eminent connection of this town, nature aficionados who love to enjoy the sun rise, and the sun up, and the shopaholics who love the local handicrafts and artefacts.

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