What is so Special About the Rains of Mumbai?

Mumbai, as we know, is surely one of the most popular parts of India. It is not just famous as the city of dreams, but it also contains some of the most pleasantly scenic places in India. Apart from this, Mumbai is also quite popular because of the ‘Mumbai Rains’. Though, rain is a natural phenomenon and every part of the country experiences it at some point or the other. But Mumbai rains are somewhat unique and special. Therefore, if you are booking your Delhi to Mumbai or Kolkata to Mumbai flights during monsoons, then you will surely fall in love with the rains in Mumbai.

Here are some of the reasons that make the rains of Mumbai so special:

• The impact on the environment

Rains make the weather of Mumbai a lot more pleasant. Don’t you love the experience of walking besides the sea, after the drizzles end, and when the cool breezes that follow revitalize your mind, body and soul? How about amplifying the happiness with a hot Vada Pav from your favorite place? Therefore, it is quite evident that rains in Mumbai make the place a lot more pleasant. Hence, if you are booking your Goa to Mumbai or Kolkata to Mumbai flights, then make sure you choose the monsoon months if possible. Also, you will surely get a plenty of domestic flights.

• It breaks the daily routine of people
Heavy rains do stop you from going to office or your college daily. This may sound a little negative, but on the other hand, it can be considered as a positive impact of rain as well. As, Mumbai is very well known for its busy lifestyle, therefore, the rainfalls in a way allow the people to take out sometime for their homes. Intentionally or intentionally, they are restricted to sit at home for a day or two.

• It brings the people together
The busy lifestyle of Mumbai, hardly leaves anyone with the spare time to meet people or try and help them when needed. However, directly or indirectly, rain does bring the people of Mumbai together. They bond well with each and other, and try to help each other at the time of need.

• The food tastes all the more better
The rains not only make the weather of Mumbai a lot more enjoyable, but they also enhance the experience of enjoying the local delicacies of the region. Relishing a steamy hot Misel Pav or Kanda Bhaji with a cutting Chai, while looking at the drizzles disappearing in the sea is surely an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

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