Top Forts You Should Go Trekking in Maharashtra

Sahyadri ranges are a true beauty, especially in the monsoons. If you are in Pune during the monsoons, make sure to explore these trails and you won’t be disappointed.

Visapur Fort

Visapur is the first port I went trekking in Pune. Visapur and Lohagad are situated on different paths of the same road, and we decided to go for Visapur because it was less crowded. And we got to know why while trekking up. The sun was up, and it made the moderate trek difficult. Most of the trek is through the mountains up, and the view from the top made the pain all worth it.
This is the place that gave me the first touch of the Sahyadri ranges in Pune, and the others followed irresistibly.

Tikona Fort

Tikona is a very easy level trek for all age groups. You just have to climb up a small hill, and walk a little further and then climb up to the fort, which was the adventurous part. The steps were steep and there were helping rails on either sides which you and to hold on to, and climb up.

After reaching the top of the fort, you can get a view of all the forts in the vicinity ( Visapur, Loghgad, Tung, etc. ). Tikona is situated on a higher altitude than all of those forts and that makes it a viewpoint for all the other forts, though you don’t have to trek too much.

Tikona trek would take 2-3 hours if you want to spend some time atop.

Raigad Fort

Raigad is the fort in which Shivaji Maharaj lived and ruled. If you are someone who prefers hiking through steps and not the mountain path, Raigad is where you should trek. There are 1737 steps and there’s the fort. It has a majestic entrance and in the fort you can find a proper establishment of the royal family of the Maratha empire. You can find the throne and the throne room in which the king used to sit, the queen’s chambers, the queen’s bath, etc. It’s quite an interesting place to visit. It can either be reached through the steps or through the ropeway. We went up through the steps and came down through the ropeway.

Sinhagad Fort

This is the most commercialized places of all the forts I have been to, the reason being it is accessible through motor vehicles. You could also trek your way up and down, and that’s what we went for. It is an easy to medium level difficulty level trek, and the place is very very crowded, especially in the weekends.

The view from the fort is as usual amazing, but there are some unique aspects to the fort such as the Pitla Bhakri ( an indian bread made of jowar served with a side dish made of gram flour. ), and I have personally went there with people just for this.

Though this fort does not give you the accomplishment feeling when you reach the top (since there is a whole crowd of people up there when you reach 😛 ), it is a worthwhile place to trek in Pune.

Torna Fort

Torna trek is one of the wildest treks I have been till now, and undoubtedly the most favorite. In Torna is a very beautiful place. You have to trek one hill up, then cross two hills to reach the base of the fort. Then you start trekking to the fort upwards.

While trekking in the hills, you can expect waterfalls wherever you turn around, lushy green leaves of the mountains gently flipping its two sides, accompanied by heavy rains and wind. Yes, you read the last part right. The force of the winds is such that you have to hold on to someone or something to not get flown away, and the force of the rains feel like needles piercing you. 😉

This continues till you cross the two hill peaks and reach the base of the fort. After that it is only steps that you have to climb. You can find waterfalls on the way up the fort. ( Reverse waterfalls as well if you are lucky enough). The steps are steep and it is not anywhere close to easy. After you reach the top, you find hot snacks and tea to soothe your numb body wet out of rain and winds.

It would be a moderate to high level of difficulty trek and the best time to visit it would be in July. It takes around 6-7 hours for the entire trek.

Though these are one day treks, you could also camp at any of the mountain peaks. I have had friends of mine camp at some of these forts and their experience of the camping made me also try it once. I camped at the Torna fort the second time I went, and it was truly amazing.

Since there aren’t commercial options available in these forts for camping, we would have to carry our tents ourselves. I would recommend you check out some of the best backpacking tents and the best sleeping bags for backpacking. They have proved us right in our camping days.

So that’s it guys! Let me know in the comments if you have experienced any of these places in Pune. I’d love to hear your stories!


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